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collect performance stats from vmax

Hi I am using SPA to collect pef stats for a particular meta thin dev.

Using diagnostic , i can only get 5 mins interval.

Is there a way to change this 5 min interval to seconds ?

Another thing , I used symstat -type REQUESTS to get stats while server team started a test using IOMETER on the thin dev and although they were seeing stats their side,  my symstat was not showing any activity.

However, same command on a another PROD volume shows activity as expected.  Am I missing something here.

Also it would be nice to get SPA or other tool to report in seconds at a device level. Any other suggestions. ?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: collect performance stats from vmax

did you try real time option in SPA, i can't remember its collection interval

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Re: collect performance stats from vmax

Real time is only director level metrics.

You can get STP collection down to 1 minute in some cases, but not with lots and lots of volumes.

symstat might be your best option, but watch out for strange counters if you try to go with too small an interval.

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