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performance difference in 1 cyl and 2 cyl meta?

We have two systems with two FBA meta devices of same capacity. the meta stripe size of them and disk geometry (cyl/tracks) differs internally and one of them has stripe size of 960k (1 cylinders) and other has 960k (2cylinders)

both the devices are thin. is there going to be any performance difference or any other impact between these two volumes?

if these devices were not thin, how would it have mattered?

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Re: performance difference in 1 cyl and 2 cyl meta?

All meta volumes have been 960k for a long time now.  Since DMX3 went to 64k tracks from 32k tracks in DMX1 and 2 and the cylinder size didn't change (15 tracks) the number of cylinders in a meta volume did change, but the size of the meta was consistent.

Long ago some performance studies were done when the meta size was configurable, and no significant difference could be found, so a standard was chosen.

So I assume your 2 cylinder meta is on an older Symm platform than DMX3.