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Configuring idrac6 console redirection to 12.04

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, if not I'll be very glad if you move it to the relevant one.

I have some R610 and R710 (idrac6) machines running Ubuntu 12.04 precise and I am trying to make a console redirection. I can access the idrac through ssh but when I try to do "console com2" it's just hang until i hit ^\ I tried almost every guide i saw, most of them are for grub1 (i have grub2) and none of them worked for me, sometimes ubuntu boot successfully but the console com2 not working and sometimes it's stuck on the boot and I can only ssh and fix the changes. (the console of course not working)

Someone tried to do that and can help me with the configuration? Thank you very much

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Re: Configuring idrac6 console redirection to 12.04

Here is the excerpt from the User’s Guide on how to configure the BIOS , for more information here is the link for the User’s Guide and for more information on iDRAC ,click here


First, configure the BIOS to enable serial console:

1 Turn on or restart your system.

2 Press <F2> immediately after you see the following message:

<F2> = System Setup

3 Scroll down and select Serial Communication by pressing <Enter>.

4 Set the Serial Communication screen options as follows:

serial communication....On with serial redirection

via com2

NOTE: You can set serial communication to On with serial redirection via com1

as long as the serial port address field, serial device2, is set to com1, also.

serial port address....Serial device1 = com1,

serial device2 = com2

external serial connector....Serial device 1

failsafe baud rate....115200

remote terminal type....vt100/vt220

redirection after boot....Enabled

Then, select Save Changes.

5 Press <Esc> to exit the System Setup program and complete the System

Setup program configuration.

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