Different Ports for IPMItool?

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OK, so thanks to the help I've received here... I can remotely power ON/OFF my server.

This is currently working via IPMItool using UDP port 623.  But I have multiple servers that I would like to be able to control.  Currently, the port forwarding of the router is set to port forward UDP 623 to serverA.  If I want to control serverB... I must edit the port forwarding in the router of UDP 623 to point it to serverB, etc.

This can be done remotely, but it is a hassle to have to do this each time I want to control a different machine.  Ideally, I would want to setup multiple port forwards for all the servers and then use the IPMItool to specify which machine I wanted to control by changing the port used.  But I can only make the IPMItool use port 623.  (I thought I found that I could use the -p option to specify the port used by ipmitool, but it doesn't seem to work).

For example, if I port forward UDP port 40000 to a particular server and then tell the ipmitool to use -p 40000... it doesn't connect.

Is it possible to specify which UDP port is used?


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