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IE Error on new install of Server Adminisrator 3.5

This is the second time I've tried to install Server Administrator 3.5 on a newly built PE2450 running Windows 2000 Server w/SP3 & IE6 SP1 and I keep keeping this error message once I log into SA:

Error on page

Line: 114

Char: 3

Error: 'undefined' is undefined

Code: 0

URL: https://localhost:1311/servlet/LoadLSNB?component=system&snb=Properties&lsnb="

Has anyone else seen this one?  SA won't function at all, after the logon, on the local machine, but I can connect to it from a remote machine via port 1311, and all is well.

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Re: IE Error on new install of Server Adminisrator 3.5

A couple of things to check

Clear your temporory internet files
Check your language settings within the browser.
Local security settings for your intranet
The Java virtual machine(JVM) version and  settings
If you are running through a terminal services session - try doing it locally

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