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M610 idrac offline

I have a M610 iDRAC that stopped responding and no longer displays its configured ip address from the CMC.  Swapping the Management Riser Board and changing slots did not help.  Interestingly, I can even update the Idrac firmware from the OS level.  The CMC and idrac are the newest levels.

The following works: Power On/OFF from the CMC, Updating the Firmware from the OS, blade server is fully functional on the network.

The following does not work:  KVM,  IDRAC network interface , assign/read the IP from the CMC,  update software or get software inventory

What's next?

idrac version 3.8

CMC version 5.12


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RE: M610 idrac offline


With the iDrac and CMC being up to date and at the most current revision, then I would start with trying to perform a RACADM RACRESET on the idrac, then I would do a CMC Failover, if there is a redundant CMC to failover to. Perform those steps and then let me know if the functionality returns.

Let me know if that helps. 

Chris Hawk

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