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Monitoring Mirrored Disks on PE 1950, 1955s

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I'm attempting to have a setup for monitoring mirrored disks for our Poweredge 1950 and 1955s.  I want to get reports if one of the disks fails.  I use Zenoss for performance montoring, which reads via snmp traps.  Will enabling snmp traps for each PE through DRAC result in reports that include failed mirrored disks?  If not, what do you suggest I do to ensure we know when these mirrored disks fail?   I appreciate your help.  Thanks!



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Re: Monitoring Mirrored Disks on PE 1950, 1955s

Thanks for posting!  If you are using a supported OS (RHEL, Windows, SUSE...), installing OpenManage Server Administrator will generate detailed SNMP traps that will give you the information you need.  The DRACs do not have information on the PERC's errors, so I don't think they have the information to generate traps about storage events.

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