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iDRAC SSO - Login Error

I have R410 with iDRAC 6 Express (2.90 (Build 04)) and a R610 with iDRAC 6 Enterprise (2.90 (Build 04))
I setup Active Directory (Standard Schema) and it signs in fine when typing the credentials manually. The SSO however returns the following error:
Login Error
Credentials Failed, Please Try Again. 
The timezone of the Domain Controller and DRAC are both on UTC, the time is synced. The Domain Controller runs Server 2016.
steps used to set up SSO:
1.) set drac1.domain.com -> IP of drac in Domain Controller DNS
2.) Verified DNS DRAC Name & checked "Register DRAC on DNS" box.
3.) Made OU called "Validation"
4.) Created User "drac1" in "Validation" OU, checked "Use only Kerberos DES encryption types for this account" box
5.) Created keytab from Domain Controller: ktpass -princ HOST/drac1.domain.com@domain.com -mapuser drac1 -crypto DES-CBC-MD5 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -pass * -out c:\krbkeytab
6.) Uploaded keytab
I've ran the "Test Settings" utility and everything Passes, very confused at this point
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