Dell Streak Accessories :(


A week back I bought a Dell Streak 5 in India, ahead on just being on the verge of buying a HTC Desire. I liked the look and functions.

But to my utter dismay, now  I am finding it impossible to find some basic accessories such as cases and spare charger in New Delhi NCR region. Its really scary to think of what would happen if I will loose my charger or whatever. Does anybody knows any Indian Supplier and/or authorised dealer of the same??

Avinashi Sharan

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Re: Dell Streak Accessories :(

same situation on moscow.... i see local stores.. and sellers have big eyes when see this gigaphone ... ebay 😎 help me..

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Re: Dell Streak Accessories :(

I also so bought Dell Streak 5 2 weeks ago and I just learned that ALL of the accessories are not available in the Philippines. This is quite disappointing. They let us bought the product but accessories are not available anywhere in Philippines. Is there anyone can help us?

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