Dell Venue Pro 11 low charging / battery drain

Does anyone actually managed to fix the issues with battery charging on Venue tablet? 

1st issue is that booting screen indicates that I am charging by only 3W and charging is very slow (plugged in whole night just got me to some 60% power). I don't know what is the reason for this as I use original cables which worked at the beginning.

2nd issue is that once I am in Windows the charging actually stops, just draining battery (maybe a bit slower when plugged in).

3rd issue is that the system seems to be draining battery quite fast even though I am using several battery saving measures (dimmed screen etc.). Battery health check is saying that the battery is OK.

I have tried everything:

- tried other cord (standard USB I use for my cell, not original Dell as I am not willing to spend a single dollar on this device)

- updated BIOS, Windows (even reinstalled windows)

- changed power settings in BIOS

- tried to install Dell power management app - can't install it actually due to some other error

- can't send it back as the warranty has expired

Any other suggestion is much appreciated.

On top of battery issues, there are many others which is not worth mentioning there. I am very disappointed with this device and this was the worst purchase I have ever made. 

Also Dell support does not seem to be much helpful - suggested solutions do not work, diagnostic app can't identify and fix and Dell support also does not seem to be much active on this forum as well.

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RE: Dell Venue Pro 11 low charging / battery drain

I have exact the same issue right now. You could try a 'friends' AC adapter to see if that fixes the problem. But if that doesn't work parts internal in the tablet might be broken and need to be replaced.

Dell uses a mechanism to recognize if a official Dell charger is used (19,5v/24watt, but reported 23watt in BIOS). If not it charges only at 3watt which is to slow and fails to charge the tablet. That's why it takes so long to charge over night.

I bought a 30 watt charger and charge it via the bottom of the tablet which works and even reports a 30 watt in the BIOS. It has a flat connector, and is similar to the Dell streak / Dell latitude ST2 charger and I believe is also on the Dell dock for the dell venue 11 pro. I got it from a repair shop instead of directly from Dell. Unfortunately I cannot use this charger at the same time as my mobile keyboard as the keyboard covers that particular connection. So when I use it, i had to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard at the same time and I even turn my tablet up side down.

Dell said internal Part(s) need to be replaced to get it fixed, since it isn't the AC adapter which is broken in my case.

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