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Re: Feedback of a new Streak user - A great product with some noteworthy limitations. Pls read !

Down load an app killer, that will extend the battery life.

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Re: Feedback of a new Streak user - A great product with some noteworthy limitations. Pls read !

Sorry, originally I could not post my views in this new feed as either this site or my browser tricked me and nothing was posted. Here is the original view I wanted to post. Hope it helps you - Thanks.

I live in Canada but bought my unlocked Streak (with Froyo 2.2) from a EBAY seller in the last 30 days. The product is no doubt an excellent gift from Dell, probably one of the very few tablets in the market with a cell phone. I will rather say this is more of a tablet than a cell phone. It can be categorised as a product with a lot of thoughts attached to it's hardware & software design by Dell. It is needless to highlight the great things inbuilt in Streak. Instead, I will use this column to mention a few drawbacks which I am sure Dell can fix with future releases.

1> Greatest drawback is - Streak cannot see or find any wireless network with no SSID broadcasted (invisible networks). These days most corporate wireless networks are hidden and Streak does not have the ability to connect to those networks manually. Also it has limited WAP security options which are used by lots of
modern routers. For example it has no AES or enterprise security mode to connect to all the modern routers, needless to say it has no Wifi N connectivity option. A major limitation.

2> The GPS started working after a few battery flashes and that too after a few days.

3> The phone program used for voice call is not at par with other smartphone applications available in the market and is not the smartest. The contacts in phone list is
mixed with the same in Facebook, Twitter and email list - making it a mess to find proper numbers quickly. Contact search is very clumsy.

4> One cannot search local applications through the search option in the home screen. It searches the web instead. This means one has to enter the Android Market
application to search for local apps, unlike the iphone.

5> This phone (unlocked version from factory) does not support the 1700 frequency which means one cannot use it with networks as WIND and MOBILICITY in Canada.

6> The battery drains out pretty fast depending on what you do, but using "Juice Defender" application from the Android Market helped me a lot to keep my battery charged for more than 5-6 hours at a stretch..

Having said the above I still like the Streak too much and hope Dell will soon come up with the solutions in the near future.Thanks for reading this feedback. Hope you will find this helpful to make a decision.