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Ubuntu 16.04 running on Venue 11 Pro


As far as I know, the new Ubuntu version (16.04) and its new kernel fixes some problems there was in the past with the Venue 11 (like the touchscreen, which now works perfectly). Nonetheless, there are some major problems I need to fix it in order to use as my daily OS:

- Wifi doesn't work. I have to use a TP-LINK adapter as workaround, but I would like to use, of course, the wifi adapter of the Venue. I have tried a lot of things trying to repair it but no success at all. I have read the wifi adapter (at least in 7130 version, i3 core) is a dead-end one, so the best thing we can do is to buy another and change it (it's not expensive nor difficult), but I would like to know whether I can repair the actual adapter before doing that or it's a hardware compatibility problem.

-Suspend State: I can suspend the tablet easily, the problems come when I want to unlock it without keyboard attached: it doesn't unlock by pressing the button, only through the keyboard. 

- Autorotate, bluetooth, webcam: these are bugs I can live with, but if someone know how to fix them I'll be glad to read it.

So, guys, do you know if those problems are repairable now or do we have to wait newer versions? Other than that, Ubuntu runs flawlessly.

Thanks for everything.

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