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ESI, SCOM, and Service Console Website

I posted this in Everything Microsoft as well but it hasn't been approved yet by a moderator.  Sorry for the cross post but needing an answer sooner than later.

I am trying to setup SCOM connection with ESI and having difficulty.

I got EMC Storage Integrator installed and communicating with our Unity SANs.  From within Storage IntegratorI can see the LUNS, Pools, Processors, etc..  I can even publish them so that I can see them in the Service Console website and it does see the SANs there; however, it only see that there is a SAN there (It gets the System Type and System ID) - it does not see anything below that.  I can't see the LUNS, Pools, etc.  Under Registered Systems, it shows the Unity SANs but I'm getting an error message that states Discovery of Unity system 'Unity1' failed: System.AggregateException: Command.... and eventually it says You are not authorized to perform the requested operation.  Access is denied. (Error Code: 0x000002).  If I'm seeing everything in Storage Integrator, shouldn't I be seeing all that information in the Service Console website as well?

When I click on the system Unity1 to see the Connection Properties, it shows the correct Username and it is the same username that I'm using in Storage Integrator.  When I published it, I published it to the ESI Service so it should be using the same username and password Storage Integrator is using.  There is no way to verify the password is correct in the Service Console website.  Is it possible it is using a cached password from somewhere rather than from whats in Storage Integrator and if so, how do I remove / change it?


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