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[Q] CEE + MS-SCEP + Unity


I’m looking for someone who has setup experience of CEE with MS-SCEP on Unity.

Unity OE     

CEE Version          8.4.2

MS-SCEP     (Win 2016)

Having installed these veriion, Cava can’t recognize AV Engine and connection has not been established

between Unity and AV Server.

06:45:36 service@VIRT1803NVW82V-spa spa:~> svc_cava C0NS

1522046754: VC: 5: VDM C0NS: Enabled and Stopped.

1522046754: ADMIN: 6: Command succeeded:  viruschk

I’m sure we covered all the necessary steps in the manual but just would like double check if there’s

other tips or anything we’re missing unknowningly, which to be checked further etc. Any comment

would be greatly appreciated.


Yu tezuka

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