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Need procedure to unmap devices in VMAX?

Hi, I made a allocation activity for migration in a VMAX array. During PG creation I added wrong FA ports to the PG. Later after masking view creation server was unable to see the storage and found that I have used wrong FA port. Then I added the correct FA ports removed FA ports from the PG, but I missed the option -unmap to have the devices unmapped for them. Now the devices still reports to be mapped to the wrong FA ports.

Few devices are no mapped to the server and in use and few devices are not mapped.

Could anyone please let me know the steps for VMAX to unmap these devices from the FA ports?

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you will need to make those device write disable just on the "wrong" FAs and then unmap them from those FA.

unmap dev 0BAD from dir 7G:0;

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When unmapping, no I/O activity is allowed on any devices in the specified mapped path. Devices must be made Not Ready or Write Disabled.

to make the device Not Ready:

symdg -g DgName not_ready

If you are unmapping only one path to a multipathed device, you may prefer to write disable that path only:

symdg -g DgName -SA 16A -p 0 write_disable

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Ensure the devices are not masked to the FA where you would perform unmapping operation

* symaccess -sid <SymmID> list assignment -dev <dev1>:<dev10>,<dev12>

Write disable the devices from the wrong FA port

* symdev -sid <SymmID> write_disable <SymDevName> -FA <dir> -P <port>

Unmap the device from the wrong FA port

* symconfigure –sid <> -cmd 'unmap dev <symdev> from dir <dir>:<port>;' commit

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Thanks to all for the solution.

It worked.

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