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SP Rebooted SQL Cluster on VMWARE failed


We recently patched our VNX5300 and in the process it rebooted each of the SPs.

Most of our servers didn't have a problem.  Our physical clustered SQL servers had no issues.  Our clustered SQL server on VMWARE went down.  It tried to failover, said it couldn't find the disk and went down.

The host it is on is VMWARE, SQL server 2008, MS Server 2008 R2,   initiators for the host are set to 4, The OS is on a virtual disk but the SQL databases, Quorum and logs are on Mapped Raw - Compatibility Mode is Physical.

The two host are identical, Checking the Cisco Fibre Switch show them zoned to both SP's.  In addition to the SQL servers 7 other smaller servers reside on the hosts, none of those had issues.

Is something configured incorrectly, should I look at something else?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Re: SP Rebooted SQL Cluster on VMWARE failed

What is your vmware path selection policy ?

I know I have ran into this before:

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Re: Re: SP Rebooted SQL Cluster on VMWARE failed


In speaking with our SQL admin further about it it appears the Quorum drive did have the issue.

I found this link that explains how to change the path selection, is this what you mean?

I will need to consult with our ESX engineer on this if so.

Thanks again,

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Re: SP Rebooted SQL Cluster on VMWARE failed

Techtrader, what did you find out?

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