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VADP & Avamar integration

Hello Everyone,

Recently we implemented Avamar image backups for our virtual infrastructure. The performance and features have been great, however managing this config with Vsphere 5.0 Vcenter and Avamar 6.1 is really proving to be a chore fraught with lots of ways for people to make mistakes. For instance in our configuration we have 1 Vcenter instance supporting multiple sites that each have a few a Avamar nodes. The problem that comes out of this design is that Vcenter has to be registered on each domain which creates an issue in preventing an admin from accidentally registering a VM on multiple nodes or sites.

So this is where automation would be great. I'd like to be able to query Avamar using a powershell script which could then update a custom attribute for a VM in VCenter. This way an admin could see in Vcenter if a VM is registered with a node. The other idea I have would be to use VMware Orchestrator to eliminate people creating clones, instead I would like to have an Orchestrator workflow that could initiate an ondemand backup in Avamar. The last thing I can think of would be a workflow to automate registration of a new VM with a local Avamar node.

Has anyone tried any of the above? Is it possible with the existing API's?

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