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CX4 -120 - General Information required


I need to ask a few questions about the CX4-120.

1.     What hardware does this come with? I specifically looking at disk arrays. I want to add 32 x 600gb disks, If i purchase off the shelf do i need to purchase any additional kit? apart from some brocade fibre switches?

2.      How many servers can connect to the SAN? consifdering that they are duplexed, whats the limit on servers with this model?

I ahve looked at the EMC website but it doesn;t give me this information.

Many Thanks.

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Re: CX4 -120 - General Information required


We've moved your thread from the Connect area into the new CLARiiON forum area on Open Exchange.

Perhaps members know the answer to your questions.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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