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NEW - VMware Plug-in for Unified Storage Platforms now available


EMC Unified Storage Plug-in for VMware

Release 2.0

I am pleased to announce General Availability of Release 2.0 of the EMC Unified Storage Plug-in for VMware.

The EMC® Unified Storage® Plug-in for VMware supports CLARiiON, Celerra and Unified Storage Systems. It replaces the CLARiiON and Celerra plug-ins for VMware. The EMC® Unified Storage® Plug-in for VMware can provision Network File System (NFS) datastores on NAS storage and Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) datastores and Raw Device Mapping (RDM) volumes on block storage, and perform array-based compression and array-based cloning of virtual machines in NFS datastores. The cloning functions include Full Clones (copies) and Fast Clones (snaps) of Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) files. VMware administrators can use the plug-in to manage NAS and block storage in VMware environments by using the existing vSphere Client user interface.

This Plug-in can be downloaded from Powerlink.  (Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads A-B > Adapters for Third-Party Applications) or go here.

Please review the FAQs below for additional information:

Q:           When and where will the updated plug-in be available?

A:            Plug-in release 2.0 was posted on Powerlink on October 15 at this location

Q:           Does this Release 2.0 of the EMC Unified Storage plug-in support Clariion Block Provisioning?

A:           Yes, it does support CLARiiON Block Provisioning. This is in addition to the NFS provisioning it already supported.

Q:           Do I need to upgrade Celerra Network Server (aka DART) s/w or FLARE s/w?

A:           No.  The minimum versions of DART and FLARE have not changed.  Refer to the release notes for Additional information.

Q:           What about documentation?
A:           Updated release notes and Read-Me document are included in the ZIP file.

Q:           What happens to the EMC CLARiiON and Celerra Plug-in for VMware?

A:           The EMC Unified Storage Plug-in for VMware v2.0 replaces the EMC CLARiiON and Celerra Plug-in.  Infact; after Oct 15th, 2010, one can only

              download the EMC Unified Storage Plug-in from Powerlink.

Q:           What about support for EMC Celerra and CLARiiON Plug-in for VMware?

A:           There will be no change in support for the Celerra Plug-in for VMware. However, there will be no support for the EMC CLARiiON Plug-in for


Q:           Does Release 2.0 support Celerra Network Server version 6.0 & FLARE 4.30 (Zeus)?
A:           Yes.

Q:           What about ESX Server, vCenter, vSphere client revisions supported by this plug-in?

A:           ESX Server 3.5 or above, vCenter Server 4.0 or above & vSphere Client 4.0 or above revisions will be supported by the Unified Storage Plug-in.

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Re: NEW - VMware Plug-in for Unified Storage Platforms now available

I've installed the unisphere plugin for vmware on vi client and run the DHSM pearl script on the celerra control station to create a DHSM user. I've created the DHSM username, password, user ID and Guest ID which are all unque. When using the plugin on vmware, the plugin is installed and the right click features are there, but theres something not working. For example when I go to create an NFS datastore it completes the creation on the NFS export in the task view at the bottom of the vi client, but fails to create the datastore.

I've gone to the plugin settings and there is a section to enter DHSM credentials. It will not however allow me to enter the credentials I create with the DHSM script on the control station as it says the username already exists on the datamover.... is there something I'm doing wrong here.. I get the impression the DHSM settiing screen in the plugin are to create DHSM user credentials not to allow VMware to effectively handshake with the celerra..

Is there something else I'm meant to do here ? I need to get this up and running to demonstrate the feature at an event, the documentation was concise in showing how to run the script and install the script, but a bit light on the ground in terms of troubleshooting configuration

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Re: NEW - VMware Plug-in for Unified Storage Platforms now available

Check out this thread for some demonstration videos and installation tips for the plug-in.


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Re: NEW - VMware Plug-in for Unified Storage Platforms now available


could you point me in the right direction to get support on this plugin.  I'm having an issue with a in progress task that will not end and has been running for several days.

i've opened a ticket with EMC as well as VMWare but nobody really seams to know what to do with it.


EMC service request:  37996836

VMWare Service request:  1600349951

Description of Support Request: EMC UnifiedStorage Plugin for VMWare 2.0

I called into EMC support and they really dont know what to do with it.  they keep trying to kick it back to vmware.

Basicly, i created some NFS datastores and compressed some of the VM's in those datastores using the plugin.  i have a compress job that is stuck, it's been running for several days with no way to cancel it.

i think it is effecting my performance to NFS datastores.  Several of the other VM's compressed fine.

I just need to figure out how to CANCEL this task that is "In Proress"

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