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Question about VNX sizing for Citrix VDI


I am trying to check the required for Citrix VDI

having the number of users and required number of Disks

please advise on below example

IOPS  14x100=1400 IOPS  80% Write & 20%vRead

Total Storage requirements – 2 TB Usable

if using RAID 10 using 14 disks 15k you will have a global IOPs of 1400 exactly

this is calculated by below equation:

"(14*180)/(0.2+(2*0.8)) RAID 10"

"14 number of disks"

"180 the iops per disk"

"0.2 the read percentage"

"2 RAID penalty"

"0.8 the write precentage"

reference is


is that right about this caculation ?

any other advises ?

how to decide number of Data Movers ?


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