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Replication behavior question

There is a scheduled BCP test for a VNX file arrays. We use mirror view async for replication. 

Below is high level plan

1) Perform reverse from Primary array to DR array for the vdm\file system

2) The n/w team is planning to isolate the  ip n/w connectivity data-center for 4 hours, where the primary array is located. This means replication will break.

3)  n/w link is brought up back up.

4) Data  needs to be synced back and  replication session will be reversed to primary array.

My question is when the n/w link is brought back up, will the replication automatically start to sync from DR to primary array or should there be a manual intervention issuing one of the below 2 commands ?  What will be the replication sessions status ?

   nas_repicate -start  $repl_sessions_name  or  nas_replicate -start $repl_sessions_name -overwrite destination.

Wait for the sync to catch up followed by nas_replicate -reverse command.

Has any one come across this scenario ?



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