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User-Defined Pools

I'm not quite sure where this situation falls under; either AVM user-defined pools or manual operation.

I want to create 10 different 4+1 Raid Groups. Then, I want to create 4 LUNs, of equal size, on each RAID group. Next, I want to create a stripe volume for each LUN across the 10 RAID Groups. This will, in effect, have 4 striped volumes. Of course, I will then create 4 metavolumes so I can create Filesystems. 

The problem is, I will need to create multiple filesystems on these metas, but this implies slicing. However, the slicing will be created at real time. Can you use AVM on striped RAID Groups instead of using pools? Can manual take advantage of dynamic filesystem size?

I hope this makes sense.

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Re: User-Defined Pools

Create a user defined pool and put your 4 metavolumes in it (the stripes across the 10 raidgroups).

Create your filesystems out of this pool, then AVM will slice them out of your metas.

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