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VNX 5500 upgrade to flare code problem

Hello Srs,

I had to perform a VNX upgrade flare code to the last version due to the primus emc277834.

So I started the upgrade using USM last version and the upgrade for the Secondary SP finish ok and continue with the installation and rebooting with the Primary SP. THis procedure hung at 95% then loss connection, I can ping to both SP´s but I can not access the GUI inteface.

The SPB is up and running and I have access to all data luns but the SPA despite I can ping it seems to be down because in RecoverPoint I can not reach that SPA

Anyone can help with this issue?

best regards


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Re: VNX 5500 upgrade to flare code problem

Please open a service request

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Re: VNX 5500 upgrade to flare code problem

So you can't reach the /Start page for the SP. Have you tried accessing the /setup page to see if you can restart CIMOM?

I agree you should open an SR, but it might be worth a try in the meantime.

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