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VNX and ESRS IP Client: What you should know.

The ESRS IP Client for VNX software monitors the operation of your EMC® VNXfor block and legacy (CX, CX3, CX4, and AX4-5 series) systems for error events and automatically notifies your service provider of error events. It also provides a path for your service provider to use to securely connect to your monitored VNX for block and legacy systems.

For planning the installtion of ESRS IP Client:

Secure Remote Support IP Client for VNX Requirements and Installation 1.1

Download the ESRS IP Client v1.1:

EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) IP Client v1.1

ESRS IP Client v1.1 release notes:

Secure Remote Support IP Client for VNX Release Notes

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Besides ESRS gateway, may I know if we are able to support Centralized monitoring with modem dial-in?

Can we make use of the existing CX management workstation to provide the remote dial-in (via modem) for support to access VNX?


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What if the customer doesn't want the possibilty to directly connect to the VNX from outside?

Or if the customer only wants to enable it on demand?

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