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ViPR SRM install issue

Hi there,

I've installed SRM into our lab and I'm getting the following issue 'Database connection failed! Please contact your frontend administrator', I've restarted the vApp but with no joy, any idea on how to fix this?



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Re: ViPR SRM install issue

Hi Ed,

Ensure the FQDN was supplied during vApp deployment and DNS resolution of these FQDNs are configured and working correctly. Review the /opt/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/conf/server.xml file to ensure the FQDN connection to the Primary Back database is correct.

The Catalina logs (catalina.yyyy-mm-dd.log) available within /opt/APG/Web-Servers/Tomcat/Default/logs/ will give more details on the issue. 

Maybe the hosts which required access to the databases were not given grant privileges and if this is the case best engage support to perform the steps in the solution https://support.emc.com/kb/196985



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Re: ViPR SRM install issue

If this is a vApp deployment, the major reason which would typically cause this behavior is either DNS not working at the time of deployment and when VMs boot up or something went wrong during deployment.  i.e forward/reverse lookups on the FQDNs used for deployment.  Typically the frontend needs information about the backends when it gets through the information entered during deployment and updates the necessary config files automatically.  Also, did you verify the MD5 on the installer files used for deployment to be proper ?  Seems to be something went wrong during deployment or pre-reqs not met as it expects before deployment.