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Auto-Snapshot Manager and CSV Volumes on Hyper-V R2 Cluster

I just setup ASM snapshots for each VM that I have hosted on my Hyper-V CSV cluster.
When I create a snapshot schedule for each VM I get a warning about missing components or volumes:

Torn Smart Copy Warning
The components and volume partitions listed below share the volume(s) included in the smart copy selection.
To avoid future torn smart copy warnings, we recommend placing components on individual volumes or creating a collection that includes all depenendent components or volumes in the smart copy.

Then it lists all of the other VMs located on the CSV as items missing from the smart copy.

But I am unable to create a smart-copy collection as this is a cluster shared volume and ASM collections are not compatible with CSV disks.

When I mount the snapshot I actually see the whole CSV disk available with all the contents... does this mean that I actually only need to setup a snapshot schedule for one VM and then to restore I can mount the snapshot and copy the files out of the snapshot disk?
So far I have created one schedule for each VM where the time is staggered so not to collide with each other.... but I worry that this is incorrect as when I mount the smart copy I can access a copy of the whole CSV (and is it therefore using up a load of disk space). How to configure Hyper-V VM snapshots on CSVs correctly?

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RE: Auto-Snapshot Manager and CSV Volumes on Hyper-V R2 Cluster


This is actually expected behavior. The problem with snapshotting the CSV as a whole is you don't know what server the VM actually resides on now or where it maybe later. You can make a snapshot of the VM's from the host node, but not of the CSV itself.

This is covered in much more detail in the ASM Users guide.


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