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Novell PlateSpin Forge 310 installation

Hi all,
I need to install the Novell PlateSpin Forge 310 in two site.
While in initial stage i have assigned the IP and configured the VM host.

After that i am not sure, what needs to be done.

1. Do i need to install the operating system in that VM ?

Might be useful for understanding my requirement:

1.How many server workloads in total the customer has, i.e. how many physical and how many virtual?
2 x Physical Servers.

2 .What are the operating systems these server workloads are running on along with their versions, i.e. Linux (SUSE or RedHat) or Windows or both?
MS Windows

3.Are there any specific applications they are running on, which needs to be considered?

4. Is the application in clustered mode?

5. What is the data/storage size which they need to replicate?

6. In how many locations the servers needs protection, i.e. single or multiple?

7. What are the connectivity/bandwidth between these sites / same network?
Microwave Link 10MB

8. Plus related information that may assist us in scoping the requirement
On the PR Side, the Platespin is going to connect to Storage and 2 x Windows Hosts, on the DR Side, the Platespin is going to connect directly to the Storage. There is going to be one way replication from the PR side to the DR Side only.


Thanks in advance

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