Can't uninstall Norton Internet Security, get Windows downloads OR access secure sites

We've been having multiple problems with our entire system lately.   We thought we had removed all the spyware and worms that had suddenly innundated our system, but apparently that is not the case.

1.  We have been unable to update Norton Internet Security/Antivirus.  One of the "fixes" we were told was to uninstall and reinstall the software, but for some reason we have NOT been able to uninstall it.  When using the "add remove program"  to uninstall we receive the error:

 "A Norton Internet Security account with supervisor access must be logged in to uninstall this product.  If Norton Internet Security is not running, click the Start menu, select Norton Internet Security, and log in.  Setup will now exit"

but we can not find anywhere in Norton Internet Security to log in.  We've also tried the uninstall the "long" way but can't seem to get access to nis2004xp_reg_removal.reg to begin the download.


2.  We have been unable to download the Windows XP updates that will help us to protect against further viruses/worms.


3.  We have been unable to access any sort of secure sites (paypal, etc.) and this also includes the Symantec automated support assistant.  I'm not sure what has caused this but I'm suspecting that somehow we're missing a java file that we need to access these sites.  Actually, THIS fix is probably the most important since accessing the Symantec automated support assistant may help to fix 80% of our problem.

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Re: Can't uninstall Norton Internet Security, get Windows downloads OR access secure sites

A recent post by ChrisRLG:

Lots of the regular posting anti-malware experts on this board have moved to pastures new for various reasons. You may find it better to find another support site to assist you.

Please go to this link and choose one of the websites on the left of the page.
Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals: http://www.a-sap.org/
As you can see they all work together in cleaning malware (Virus, Spyware and adware).

To help you choose from that list

TomCoyotes contains the anti-malware school - Classroom.
SpyWareInfo contains the anti-malware school - BootCamp.
Net-Intergration is the support site of Spybot S&D.
Lavasoft Support is the support site of Ad-aware.
Wilders Security has since stopped hijackthis log support due to the lack of experienced helpers.
Others that I would recommend Zerosrealm, Subratam.org, SpyWare BeWare and ComputerCops, but generally all those on that list will have experts to help you.
Texruss and ChrisRLG are Teachers at The TomCoyote Forum.

There are still some knowledgable people left posting here at Dell, so you may still get help from them.

I wish you all the best at getting your computer clean.

in training at
TomCoyote and

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