FWIW - Possibly questionable email

I received an email from Adobe System Incorporated adobe@news.mondino.de

subject Action Required : Download New Update Adobe Acrobat Reader For Your PC


Dear Customers,
Adobe is pleased to announce new version upgrades for Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Download Now To Try Us Out 

Advanced features include:

- Collaborate across borders
- Create rich, polished PDF files from any application that prints
- Ensure visual fidelity
- Encrypt and share PDF files more securely
- Use the standard for document archival and exchange
To upgrade and enhance your work productivity today, go to:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Update Center

Start downloading the update right now and let us know what you think about it.

We're working on making Adobe Acrobat Reader better all the time !
Copyright 2011 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
343 Preston Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4


I checked the normal Adobe Site and there are no Acrobat Reader Updates available


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Re: FWIW - Possibly questionable email

I received it too and decided to research it.  I found the following information.

The emails are not from Adobe. The emails are part of a phishing scam designed to procure credit card and other personal information under false pretences. Links in the emails lead recipients to a website that has no connection whatsoever with the real Adobe website or any Adobe products. The bogus site attempts to entice visitors into registering an account and using a credit card to purchase site "access and support". Recipients should not click on any links included in these spam emails.


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Re: FWIW - Possibly questionable email

There are have been several versions of this, but all similar.


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Re: FWIW - Possibly questionable email

the e-mail's domain is YELLOW-flagged by WOT:


I would have hoped for a RED-flag... but either way, suggestive that it's NOT from a legitimate/reliable vendor like Adobe.


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