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Re: Virus in [Filename]


First of all thank you much for your help and being nothing but persistent and motivated. Yea, I also believe that I saved $90 bucks not asking deal to fix the problem. I downloaded the Web Of Trust. That is a cool program. Web Of Trust makes you feel more secure when surfing the net. Thanks for all the tools, the links you provided, more importantly, the knowledge I feel I've gained in this experience. I thiught the whole process was fun, of course that may seem a little crazy though.

I turned off System Restore and then booted, then enabled it. After that, I rebooted. Then I created a restore point. Oh almost forgot, I also did Disk Cleanup and cleaned the items you instructed.

So, is there anything else I should do, or should that be all?

Thank you for saving me that money



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Re: Virus in [Filename]

You are most welcome.

I think you will like WOT.  It has saved me many times! The first time their big red and black "Warning!" pops up, it might scare you, but that's what it was intended to do. You will be happy to have help from WOT!

That's it. Nothing else to do but to keep Windows, MBAM, and your AVG updated so you can stay safe. emoticon.Smile.title

Glad we were able to help.
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