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XPS 13 9343 Problem with Windows Defender Offline

My XPS 13 9343 has Windows 10 1607 installed and runs very well.  I wanted to run Windows Defender's new Offline feature where you can start it from Settings - Updates and Security - Windows Defender - Windows Defender Offline.

When I click on the "Scan Offline" button, my PC seems to be doing what it should be, i.e., it shuts down and restarts.  However, instead of doing a scan, the Dell Backup and Recovery process opens instead.  Obviously, something is wrong here.

This PC originally came with Windows 8.1 installed (May 2015).  I performed the in-place Windows 10 update with no issues.  It currently has ALL Microsoft updates.

The only thing that I believe might be an issue is that, in addition to the C: partition and the EFI System Partition (500 MB), it has four(4) additional hidden partitions: OEM Partition (40 MB), Recovery Partition (750 MB), Recovery Partition (450 MB), and a Recovery Partition (6.5 GB).

Surely, some of these partitions are not needed, and I suspect may be playing a part in this problem. Any ideas?



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RE: XPS 13 9343 Problem with Windows Defender Offline

Hi Doug, and welcome to the forum.

I have an XPS 13 9350, but it came with Windows 10 pre-installed, and without Dell Backup&Recovery (DBaR). It came with 4 partitions (the one with EFI, the OS (CSmiley Happy, and 2 recovery partitions). I suspect you have the 2 extra partitions because of the upgrade in place, and the DBaR. I was able to run Windows Defender Offline without problems. However I would note that if  Windows Defender is your default anti-virus, then running WDO will not detect anything that a regular WD on-demand scan does not. (I use Panda Free AV).

You might want to read the following Dell article:

Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) and Windows 10

I have to wonder if the easiest solution for you might be to just uninstall DBaR, since Windows 10 has its own native Backup and Recovery tools, including the ability to create an image to backup your entire system.


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