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Confused (just a Little)

Here we are just a little over a year since my last posting. Everyone was great with my installation of my EVO 850 into my Vostro 3450. And yes it was some job to get to the hard drive.

One problem hanging from 14 months ago is that when I did the installation of the W7/64 OS I did not realize that the disk from Dell did not have the SP1 as well. 

From Dell's Driver, Utility, Application Installation Order Guide: I should have installed the SP1 before I installed the Dell system software / Chipset / Drivers................etc. Since I installed this before the SP1 I have many operating issues and gremlins. 

I will use the Samsung "Magician / Secure Erase" to wipe the SSD and start over again. (Comments Welcome)

Above is the history now the Question: 

On the "Installation Order Guide (2011) " first item to install is the "Notebook System Software" on another file 2018. Dell System Software. Here is where I am confused....The Dell Resource Media Disk I have

  1. Operating Systems (R282236 Dell OS Tools Utility Version: A12-64)
  2. System Utilities (R282538 Dell System Software Utility Version: A03 (7/64)
  3. System Utility  Driver (R292681 STMicro D351 (ST Micro Accelerometer  Rev: A00


Any and all help would be appreciated as I want to extend the life of this Vostro and  bring everything up to speed and be ready for the new update from Microsoft regarding the SHA-2


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Re: Confused (just a Little)


I don't generally post in the Vostro forum but I've restored a lot of these systems over the years, so this is based on my experience.

I would first install the operating system. In doing so, if you have network support (ethernet or wifi) then I'd run Windows Updates & get all of the Windows 7 updates with SP1; this may also install other system drivers that are missing (thought likely not all). You can just go get SP1 and install that, if you'd prefer.

With that done, I'd next install the "System Utilities" to get the Dell System Software. Be aware if you do the Windows Update route (especially if you install the optional updates) then the Windows Updates may install newer drives compared to the one of the Dell discs.

If the only thing on the "System Utility Driver" disc is the ST Micro driver, I'd skip it entirely. The reason being that if you've replaced the original hard drive with the SSD (not added the SSD & kept the hard drive, but replaced it entirely), it becomes pointless. The ST Micro Accelerometer is just a device that stops the hard drive platters from spinning when it detects sudden motion, such as a drop or fall. Since SSDs have no moving parts this isn't a danger. You can, of course, still install the driver but it's not going to have any effect on the system.

After that I'd run any additional updates in Windows Update that are needed.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Confused (just a Little)

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