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Scale IO deployment question

Hello, looking for some quick help on a "kick" the tires deployment of scale IO. I went through the quick start guide for vmware, deployed scale io but 7 tasks failed (1 related to SSH attempting to import public key for scale io and failed due to no rpm command found and the others were for failure to create RDM's)

I finished the deployment and now am stuck with no SDS servers deployed. Just wondering how to go about deploying them or should I blow away and start from scratch?

Note: have this running in a vmware 5.5 nested lab.



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Re: Scale IO deployment question

Using RDMs on ESX, requires support in particular SCSI commands, which I'm not sure are supported on nested ESX.

I would recommend starting from scratch, this time using the VMDK option.

Before starting the deployment, please go to the advanced options, and enable VMDK creation.