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A few annoyances caused by Windows 10; touchpad and multimedia keys

I updated my Inspiron 15 7537 to Windows 10 a couple of days ago, and there's some rather basic, but very frustrating, changes that have occurred. I am not really talking about the things Microsoft has changed in general (not much to do about that at this stage, I guess) but more about how it affects my notebook.

First of all, is my touchpad. It generally works fine (I've had some sporadic issues with it, but that dates back a year), but I am really not liking how the effects of the gestures have changed. Previously, I used three-finger swipes to go back and forwards in a browser or file manager; now it flips through all my open applications (something I recall the four-finger swipe doing). Similarly, I was able to customize the three-finger tap as a "home" button, for example on my internet browser. Now it can only "invoke Cortana". Finally, the touchpad has become worse at detecting two-finger taps; very often it thinks that I am tapping with one finger only.

Next, are the multmedia keys on my keyboard, which I used extensively. Now, the search button doesn't seem to do anything (would be appropriate for it to start a search, like the Windows key). The function on the F9 key is similarly useless (though I'll admit, I don't remember what it used to do). Perhaps it could be reconfigured to open the action centre? Finally, I am missing an easy way to access the shutdown button using my touchscreen, since it has been removed from the settings page. But that's mostly a problem since my computer seems to think that my physical shutdown button is merely a sleep button, so I cannot use that.

Most of these things I've mentioned seem to be things that Dell can fix, since it either revolves around their software or hardware drivers. Especially the touchpad thing bugs me; shouldn't it be possible to customize what you want the gestures to do? At least I hope it is. Of course I understand that Windows 10 is still new, and some kinks will be worked out soon, but I thought I'd just share a few of my observations.

I am looking forward to hearing about any feedback.

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