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Issues with Browser and Program Startup

Since I installed the newest software update on Monday, July 24th I have been having software issues with my inspiron 5559. I have Firefox, Chrome and (of course) Microsoft Edge and despite being connected to the intenet (wirelessly) Firefox and Edge will open but they will not fully start up. Chrome will start up, but when I type into the address bar, the letters will not appear nor will it load any pages. Additionally, some desktop apps will not open. Those that will open will not connect to the internet or they freeze. I cannot check or uninstall updates because the settings page freezes. I have, however scanned my computer and there are no viruses or security threats.

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RE: Issues with Browser and Program Startup


Start the computer and Tap the F8 key. Choose Safe Mode from the list. From within Safe Mode go in and Uninstall the Update and restart the computer.

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