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Just for information: XPS410 Desktop (Dimension 9200) works well with Win 10 upgrade

Mine has upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate x64 to Win 10 Pro x64.

I did not wait for MS to inform me but did it through their download site.

Took me about one hour and 30 minutes.

On finishing with the install I discovered my wireless keyboard connected through Del lBroadcom BT was not working.  However I was lucky my wireless mouse (Logitech M510) connected with a Logitech BT remain functional.

This enabled me to reach Device Manager where I could see Broadcom BT USB 3 with exclamation mark. My attempt to update driver returned as has the latest. out of desperation after few restarts, 

in device manager choose to remove the device. This pop another small window requesting if for the driver to be removed too-which I did tick.

After this I re inserted the BT dongle into USB and as started to install drivers automatically, pressed the buttons on the dongle and the one underneath the wireless keyboard to pair the device. This has worked. My wireless keyboard become functional too.

On the whole the Win 10 seem a little slower than Win 7.  Then I feel I may have to compare this after a clean install of the Win 10 on my desktop....This I hope to do in coming days.

So Dimension 9200 bought in 2007 remain workhorse ... Wonderful XPS410. Three Cheers to Dimension desktop computer..



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