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Dell Backup and Recovery questions

Hi all,

How are you supposed to use the Check Recovery Media option in Dell Backup and Recovery?

1. When you create the Factory Backup media..At the end of the process it shows that the backup has been verified so do you only use the Check Recovery Media option if you have a problem with the backup later on?

2. When you Check recovery Media do you have to tick the USB flash drive at the create factory recovery media screen first (like you do when creating the factory media where a green tick comes up) before clicking on Check Recovery Media or do you go into the Check recovery Media screen first before inserting the USB flash drive. I notice that in the Check Recovery Media window there is a check recovery media box at the bottom of the screen but it doesn't do anything..its always greyed out

3.Can there be a slight difference in the size of the Factory recovery Media backups. I did one a couple of weeks ago..it was 7.97gb. I did another one yesterday so I had another backup and it was 7.96gb and I used all the same settings..I didn't change anything at all.

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