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System Recovery on dual boot laptop


i have a two year old Dell Inspiron with windows 8.1 installed. As soon as i got it, i did split the main partition in two so i could install debian linux on it.

The partition table is like this:

1 - EFI

2 - a 41 MB fat32 partition (dont know what is for)

3 - 134 MB msftres

4 - 514 MB ntfs diag

5 - 663 GB ntfs main windows

6 - 9 GB recovery partition

7 - linux swap

8 - linux root

9 - linux /home

Now, windows is very slow and very buggy atm. I would like to reinstall windows but without messing the new partition table.

So, my question is if the windows 8 mechanism for system restore will mess with my partition table.

Thanks in advance!

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RE: System Recovery on dual boot laptop

the windows 8.x refresh setting shouldn't mess with your other partitions as it focuses on just the windows 8.x install. If you use Dell's restore and recovery software, it will format your drive and re partition it to be just like it was out of the box. Just to be safe, I would back up your important files before doing anything.  

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