Windows 8 Pro Brightness Unavailable.

I have old Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop. It had windows xp sp3 and I upgraded it to windows 8 Pro. After upgrading I noticed the  brightness icon on the settings had unavailable written on it. I am unable to change the brightness setting. When I point the mouse on top of the brightness icon, it reads Windows cannot adjust the brightness on this display. Also the functions keys on the keyboard for brightness don't work. Is the problem with my Quickset Driver ?  

I would really appreciate if somebody can help me with this issue. Other than this issue the laptop is working fine. The audio is working.

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Re: Windows 8 Pro Brightness Unavailable.

Hi Pratpal,

It seems to be an issue with the Quickset application. This system has not been tested with Windows 8. The drivers will not be available for this system. You can refer to the link for a compatible system tested by Dell with Windows 8 http://dell.to/RnDAFu 

You may try to install the Quickset in Compatibility mode. It might work.

  • Download the driver from link http://dell.to/Vdv7mY
  • Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties -- > Compatibility Tab.
  • Select Windows XP from the list in the following image

  • Click Apply -- > OK
  • Right Click the file and select the 'Run As Administrator' to install the driver

Please reply in case you have further questions.

Thanks & Regards,
Appu S
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