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Blue Screen on my XPS 400 after factory restore?

think my restore partition got corrupted also, I have a XPS400, keeps rebooting to the screen that gives you options to start normal, safe, or last good.....

tried them all one of the options takes me to the blue screen Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal, another screen says "Windows\system32\config\system" is corupted. and all other options just reboots and sends me back to this.

Tried the Restore to factory several times using  CTRL & F11 and it says in the end that it has restored sucessfully but has not rebooted any differently.

Does anyone have any simple fixes for this, I have not added any new hardware to this computer in months and has never had problems before, so I am thinking it is unlikely to be hardware or drivers?

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Re: Blue Screen on my XPS 400 after factory restore?


The Microsoft procedure to repair a corrupted registry is here:

Note that this article warns that the procedure may not work on OEM systems.  Fear not, I've used it numerous times on Dell Computers.

I recommend that you print out the instructions.  They're a little technical, but you should be able to follow them with no problem.


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