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DVD auto eject after Full System Image Backup

Hello Techies,  I have noted this behavior on finishing up either MS Win 7 64 bit Home Premium Edition OS Backup program: "New, Full Backup" and "Full System Image" backup.(Studio XPS8100, i5 Core Intel CPU, 8 GB SDRAM, dual CD/DVD optical drives, 17" HD monitor, 10/100 Ethernet card.  The New Full Backup takes one 4.7GB DVD, the Full System Image took (7) of these DVDs to complete. Both programs' last dialog box states "Backup Successfully Completed", or something to that effect. The only radio button available is the "Close" option. I clicked on "Close" and waited at least 10 minutes on both, expecting the DVDs to be auto ejected. After nothing happening for approx. 10 minutes I hit the eject button on the DVD drive. It did not eject the DVD, a dialog bubble popped up from the taskbar saying something about "This drive is..(unknown)", I did not write it down. After I closed the dialog bubble, about 2-3 minutes later the DVDs were ejected. Are they supposed to auto eject, or do you have to do it manually? I only have 147 GB used on a 1 TB HDD, and it still took (7 DVDs) to do a Full System Image. No wonder people fork over the dough for 1TB external HDDs...

My worry is these discs were not finished properly, and when this Seagate/WD/ HDD does *** out,  my "Full System Image" will not work properly.  Do I have any cause for this concern?  Replies greatly appreciated,  USOP31

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