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Dell Backup and Recovery update problem


I have a Dell Inspiron 17 with Windows 8.1 lately I encountered problems with SoftThinks Agent Service (32 bit) which hijacked all my disk and I wasn't able to work and had to restart my computer without even a chance to save my work.

I googled what that thing is connected to and it seems it was Dell Backup and Recovery some kind of module. So I went there and noticed that update is available.

When I click it I've got an information that update is available and if I want to start updating. When I click yes, downloading started but then window disappeared completely and noting happened. After restarting my laptop Dell Backup and Recovery wasn't available and had to be installed. I did that but still update was offered to me. Trying to update again ended up like last time.

I found here in the forum that someone recommend to uninstall Dell Backup and Recovery completely and download from the site new version and install it. However, for some reason I'm not able to sign in to (sign in button doesn't work in any of three browsers I've tried) and only thing I'm offered there is something called NetVault trial version. 

I will be grateful for any help.



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