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Dell Inspirion 3520

I have a Inspirion 3520.Bad HDD replaced with a new blank one but cannot get Bios to boot to DVD for reinstall of OS.  Bios is A09.  Looked at several Forums and they say to add boot option CD but I do not have that option...Please help

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RE: Dell Inspirion 3520


Thank you for writing to us!

Kindly check the following details,

Enable legacy ROM options in BIOS,set the boot mode to legacy and SATA operation to AHCI

check if the HD is picked up in BIOS

if yes, boot to the one time boot menu (F12) and proceed with OS installation

if the HD is not detected in BIOS, either the HD is not connected properly or is now working or issue may be with the connectors/cables on system board



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RE: Dell Inspirion 3520

Don't use a DVD as it won't pass SecureBoot. Use a FAT32 formatted USB flash Drive. See here (Windows 10 Free Upgrade Clean install recommended):


Or here:


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