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Dell System Restore problem

Having removed a malware rootkit and, as advised, done a system restore I reinstalled and configured all my software and windows. Everything was running fine so I said thank you to my 'helpers' just before the old forums closed!
Having decided to defrag the system using Paragon Total Defrag 2009 I find I still have a minor problem which may recur should I need to use Restore again. (I hope not...)
I am not sure what I should see but Defrag's disk map is:
1  78.4 Mb, %1 (OEM Service Volume) Local Disk * Fat 16, Dell Utility
2  107.2Gb NTFS c:
3  Local Disk * 3Gb Unknown (pink), DellRestor
4  7.8 Mb unallocated

If I run Defrag it default starts on 1 and reports:-
'Incorrect dir structure - errors in dir tree. CHKDSK should be used to correct.  Error Code: 0x10021'
Towards the end of the fragmentation map there are 2 blocks  'unsupported file system', then 5 NTFS, then 2 'unsupported file system' and 6 used blocks
Running Defrag on 2 and 3 is fine.

If I try to run Paragon's 'Check File System Integrity' I get the same error.  Running chkdsk /F from Start-Run, or from a command line, doesn't change it - I suspect both attempts  only ran on c:.  How do I run chkdsk /f on the Dell Utility partition?
I ask this because when I ran the Dell Restore, Ghost 8.3 reported an error that may be related to the above.
Abort 36000
A general exception occurred.
Abort details output to Ghosterr.txt (not found)
Please contact Symantec Technical Support at
Then on new screen:-
A system recovery process was not successful.  Please call Dell Technical support for assistance.
Windows was then recovered and I removed all the bloatware and configured windows and software.

System:  Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505, XP Pro SP2

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Re: Dell System Restore problem

I have since tried to install the 18 upgrades my system can have.

The first I tried was DDUP1277.exe.  I expanded this but it reports:-

Check operation: error accessing utility partition. Code 724.

This must relate to the error desribed in my first post.  How can I correct this fault?

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Re: Dell System Restore problem

"How do I run chkdsk /f on the Dell Utility partition?"

You don't!

The Dell Utility and Dell Recovery partitions should not be altered unless you intend to delete one or more of these partitions (and their functionality) or update them by an approved method. Any alterations may render them useless. They should never be subject to fragmentation, and checking them for valid Windows XP system files is pointless because they don't contain Windows XP installations.

On your disk, defrag and chkdsk operations apply only to the Windows XP installation on the C: partition.

The only documented change provided by the DDUP1277.exe update is applicability to subsequent systems. Since your system presumably came with an applicable version of Dell Diagnostics, this update would normally provide no improvement, but there is now some question whether you can run Dell Diagnostics from it's installation on the hard disk.


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