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How can I type and print a letter or document w/ Outlook Express 6 ?

Hello ....


I know there must be a better way but the only way I know how to compose and print a letter or document is to use my Outlook Express 6. I spend a lot of time typing it carefully and try to center the type and spacing of sentences so it looks exactly like I want it to look. Then I close it out and save as a draft; then reopen it and right-click it and hit "print". A lot of work but the only way I know of.


But.  Every single time I try and print it, Outlook Express seems to alter the spacing of sentences by indenting some sentences thus making things look like incorrectly placed paragraphs. I've wasted too much ink and paper so I'm wondering what am I doing wrong here ?  I don't think there is anything wrong with my Canon printer because it prints beautiful photos. I think I'm overlooking a setting somewhere.


I'm composing the documents and letters in Outlook Express because I tried Notepad a couple times and the printed type is (clearer and neater looking)  in Outlook Express. Plus Notepad put a page number on them too. The only problem in O. E. being that I have to take scissors and trim the upper header & subject line and the "page one of one" out of the printed letter and of course that means I don't get a nice 8" x 10" letter and that looks silly.


Is there anything within Windows that I'm overlooking  or maybe a particular page layout setting within Outlook Express that I'm missing ? My Dell is bare bones type; no productivity softwares at all. Am I going to have to purchase a "office type" software program ? ( I type letters VERY infrequently. I just want them neat  in appearance )





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Why don't you try "Wordpad" instead of "Notepad" (it is also part of WinXP). Or, if you want a full blown word processor (FREE), download and install OpenOffice.
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Thank you so much Rebel. I never even knew Wordpad was there, lol. I'm an older gent and still learning new things here on the computer.


I ran a test print in Wordpad with different columns and paragraphs and it printed beautifully; just like I had typed! By golly, I just might be able to save a little bit of my sanity now!!:smileyvery-happy:


Thank you my friend very much!!   You saved me a lot of grief here.... (and ink...and paper too):smileyhappy:

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You're very welcome. I'm glad that Wordpad suits your requirements. It sure does beat typing letters in Outlook Express doesn't it? :smileyvery-happy:
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