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Lost microsoft pre-load - can't reload?

My microsoft automatically updated to 2010 and then stopped working.  I uninstalled, thinking it would revert to the previous version, but it wiped out ALL office.  Now I can't figure out how to reinstall.  It asks for codes/numbers, but I have had this computer for 3 years, I had a house fire, and have moved 3 times, I have NO idea where the paperwork is.  There are numbers on the bottom of the computer, but when I use them, I amtold they are not supported or they are not valid.  HELP!!!!!!

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RE: Lost microsoft pre-load - can't reload?

Hi Julie Ransom,

It seems like you are enquiring about Microsoft Office product. If you purchased Microsoft Office with your Dell system you would have been supplied a Microsoft Office Product Identity Card without that card you will not be able to recover the office product on the system.

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