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New to Dell and have two questions

I have a Dell Inspirion 24 model 3455.  I have two issues that I need help with.  First issue is that I lose internet connection every morning when I first turn on the computer.  After I restart the internet comes right up OK.  I have noticed that there is usually an event id 1014 DNS server error that comes up.  Coming from an ASUS laptop that never had this issue.  Netgear router has been up and working in all cases.  This is more of an irritation and inconvenience than anything else but I would like to resolve it.

The other issue is I started getting an update failure that started on January 22 and has continued every day since.  The update states that it is for "Hp enterprise WSD multifunction printer, other hardware-null print-HP Envy 5540 series - error Ox8024200b"  This is the printer that I have (new), however the info screen says the update was released in Dec of 2014, so I don't think I need the update, but I can't find how to get rid of it or stop it from trying to update.

I appreciate any help and/or suggestions.

Thanks, James

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RE: New to Dell and have two questions

Get the printer driver directly from HP. The latest driver was just released Feb 2016. Go HERE.

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