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PC Restore for Windows XP on Dimension E510

Can anyone please tell me how to restore my Dimension E510. I already tried the option on dell's support website: on the screen that says dell just before startup begins i pressed and held Ctrl and F11 and it was supposed to take me to another window where i could continue but failed. And I cannot manually restore because I do not have any of the CDs required for the process. Is there any other option???

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Re: PC Restore for Windows XP on Dimension E510

What isn't made clear is that you need to wait for a blue stripe to appear at the top of your screen at the conclusion of the self test.  The stripe should be present for two seconds, after which a message appears about loading the descriptor for PBR-2.  You need to press CTRL and F11, releasing both simultaneously at the appearance of the blue stripe and before the PBR-2 message appears.

If you don't see a blue stripe, PC Restore is not active on your machine.  Even if it works I recommend you attempt to obtain the installation CD.  Assuming you live in the U.S., try filling out this form:  Dell Replacement CD.

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