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PC started waking up 5:55 am by itself since last Windows update 11/15

Since last Thursday 11/15, when a windows update was applied, my PC keeps waking up by itself at 5:55 am every day by itself.     From what I know about these things, which I've had before, I looked at the windows event log and see under System ... "Wake Source: Timer - Windows will execute 'Maintenance Activator' scheduled task that requested waking the computer.".     In Task Scheduler, I'm trying to find the property of whatever task is 'scheduled' to run, with the property 'wake the computer', so I can uncheck it, but can't find it.     Running Win 10 on a Dell Inspiron 3847.     I've encountered unexpected wakes before, and seen a lot of posts on this topic.     Any ideas on this specific issue?

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RE: PC started waking up 5:55 am by itself since last Windows update 11/15

Are you "powering off" the PC or doing a "Hibernate" or "Sleep"?  

If you are powering off then the auto "wake up" is controlled by the BIOS.  

Otherwise from sleep, wake up is controlled by an option in your "Power Plan"

Go to Settings, then Power and Sleep then Additional power settings.  Click change settings for your selected power plan.  "Restore default settings for this plan" MAY fix the problem.  Otherwise click Change Advanced Power settings.   In the panel that comes up there is an option under Sleep for "Allow Wake Timers".  Its set there.  

Here is a screenshot of mine.  I have High Performance as I use my Desktop for my recording studio.  Most use Balanced.

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