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Product ID Invalid (blocked) according to Microsoft... please help!

I tried to upgrade my os to Windows 10 and it failed. I therefore called Microsoft tech support and they remoted in my laptop. They then proceeded to check my product ID under my computer system properties.

Their conclusion, my Win7 key is invalid to them (even tho it is activeted successfully). Apperently, the key is in a block list because it is a preinstalled BULK key from a constructor with a company liscence. They told me to contact the provider of the Laptop to get a new one.

So Here I am!


Alienware 14 (2013 model bought in 2014)

Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

Activated successfully. (OEM Preinstalled key)

wanted to update to Windows 10 (failed).


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RE: Product ID Invalid (blocked) according to Microsoft... please help!

Volume Licence and Enterprise keys cannot be re sold to individuals.   MAK Keys have a limit and when that limit is reached you are done.  A dell OEM Key is generic and the same for all machines.  If your system came with windows 7 all you need to do is to change the key to the one that is on the COA sticker.

Unless this is not actually purchased from dell and there is no COA sticker.   OR you have windows 8 machine that has windows 8 genuine label.  In that case you would install windows 8.1 and it would read your key from bios.

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